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Goal Magic

May 6, 2020

For anyone furloughed or out of work right now and not sure what your next move is, this episode may spur some creative energy in you. I happen to know our next guest because she grew up in the same town as I did, and was friendly with my family. We connected on Instagram a little while back, which is when I got wind that she was creating content for brands and serving as an IG influencer. This got me wondering how she started doing that, because in her regular day to day life she’s a mama of three kids who doesn’t have a lot of time, yet she still managed to grow a network and eventually collaborate with brands and post just about every single day. She’s on her way to monetizing her instagram account now, so her story was one that I thought many of us at home and out of work may need to hear.

About Hillary Kezelman

Hillary Kezelman resides in sunny Southern California with her 3 babes and husband of 8 years. Being a stay at home mom is her daily job and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Instagram has been her creative outlet  as it has opened many doors of friendships and the opportunity to explore brands in the industry. Over the past two months, she transitioned from just posting weekly about her family to becoming an influencer with daily and regular posts.  She works with a variety of brands and helps them advertise their products. You can find Hillary’s instagram @Hillkez91011 and follow her journey!

Cynthia & Brennen

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