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Goal Magic

Jun 12, 2018

I'm so happy to share this interview with my friend Alexis Siemons. As a tea enthusiast, Alexis writes about her steeped adventures on her website and blog, Teaspoons & Petals. She also teaches a series of culinary tea classes, and develops tea-infused recipes for restaurants.

Alexis is currently a tea consultant for La Colombe, which is one of my favorite cafes and also the place where Cynthia and I came up with the idea for GOAL MAGIC. Alexis’ recipes and stories have been published in Women’s Health, Grid Magazine and Design*Sponge… among many other publications. But above all else, Alexis is a positive and fearless entrepreneur who has turned her passion into her life’s work, and that is why she’s on the show!

Key quotes and discussion topics:

  • The very first post on Teaspoons & Petals
  • Why it's important to take time to appreciate beauty
  • The power of designing your own major 
  • The pitfalls of the advertising industry for creative people
  • Why short-form writing is taking over the Internet
  • "Tea is like traveling through your taste buds."
  • Alexis recommends oolong tea as a good place to start learning about tea flavors
  • How drinking tea can help manage stress
  • If you're succeeding at everything, then you're probably not doing things to their fullest
  • Why we should celebrate failures
  • "I want to hear no a lot because that means I'm reaching out and trying to create something unique and when that yes comes along, it's going to be a great fit."
  • The value in nurturing a community
  • How to find your "tribe"
  • What to do when you hit a dry spot in your business
  • Why if it's not 100% a yes, it's a NO
  • "My definition of success is waking up every morning and wanting to jump out of bed to go pursue your career."
  • Don't let fear stop you

Contact Alexis:
Email: alexis AT
Teaspoons & Petals

Stay Magical,

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