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Goal Magic

Oct 23, 2018

<>Sarah Zero is the founder of Wellstruck, a branding studio that specializes in brand therapy, design, and websites for businesses owned by good people. She has a degree in Visual Communications and over 12 years experience in branding — including two years of teaching it at the college level.

Sarah also created Wellstruck Lady Boss, a series of intimate roundtable events for entrepreneurs in Philadelphia. Each event has space for just 12 women, and over 500 women have attended since it began.

As for life outside of work, Sarah lives in Delaware with her husband and pup. She does some pretty normal stuff like collecting plants, planning travel based on food, and watching movies with a strong female lead on Netflix. And sometimes she does some less normal stuff like foraging for mushrooms to make spore prints.

Sarah’s clients say she’s “refreshingly unpretentious” and her husband says she “makes fun happen.”

My favorite moments and insights from this interview:

  • Nothing seems random - Sarah ended up in visual communications orientation at her college rather than the one she was supposed to be in - it forever changed her path forward!

  • Sarah found the courage to leave corporate because of her experiences prior, where she was let go from her job and proceeded to get clients in order to pay her bills until she could find new work. She learned being an entrepreneur wasn’t that scary!

  • Sarah’s bout with cancer most resonated with me - it slowed her down and she had to stop working for awhile, which was scary. But her resilience coming off that is what shines through for me.

  • Sarah plans travel around food with her husband - how fun is that??

  • She makes spore prints from mushrooms, who knew? I loved seeing what spore prints were all about so she and I are now inst buddies. Follow her as well @heysarahzero

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,

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We Are One by Vexento
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