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Goal Magic

Nov 13, 2018

I’m flying solo today (for the first time ever... gahh I was a little nervous) and sharing a journaling habit that I’ve been practicing for the past month or so. It’s so fun and rewarding! For complete details on my journaling practice, please tune into the episode and also get your hands on my brand new Magic Morning Habits guide! It’s the habits guide I’ve wanted to write since Cynthia and I started GOAL MAGIC, and I’m so happy to finally share it with you.

Also if you wanna see my journaling in action, feel free to follow my personal instagram @writingimpulse, where I post my journal entries every day in my stories.

Here’s to Magic Mornings,

Today’s episode is brought to you by Brennen's long-time friend Liberty Heise and her brand new soap company bee somebody. A teacher and school administrator by day, Liberty created bee somebody as a fun side-hustle after she started to keep bees at her home in San Antonio, Texas. 

Liberty sent me a box of bee somebody bars, and folks they have got to be the best-smelling soaps in the world. Homemade with all-natural ingredients and pure essential oils, her oatmeal and lavender soap is my absolute favorite, but I also love her prickly pear and rosemary & peppermint scents. To get your hands on these wonderful soaps, click this link OR check out the soaps on bee somebody’s Instagram.

Intro Music: We are One  by Vexento
We Are One by Vexento
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