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Goal Magic

Dec 5, 2018

Claudia Morandi is the mastermind behind Wholesome Mom a blog where she shares her experience, tips, and tricks for getting her children to eat healthy and stay active, while also helping parents who may need some extra support getting themselves back in shape.

Originally from Venezuela, Claudia’s inspiration for Wholesome Mom came from watching her children adapt to the American lifestyle, which included more processed food options and less activity. But as her children started adopting some of the American culture and ways, Claudia started talking to them about how food can affect their health - both physically and emotionally - and realized that she was truly passionate about food and wellness.

As Claudia noticed what worked with her children to get them to eat and behave better, and what didn’t -  she saw this as an opportunity to teach others how they can help their families live healthier lives. Claudia is now dedicated to helping others with children live healthier lives through her business Wholesome Mom.

Prior to Wholesome Mom, Claudia lived in Venezuela with her husband and 2 daughters. She was the owner of Fibras Clothing, a fitness clothing line for women, which was widely successful. Her line was picked up by a retailer but sadly, Claudia’s political situation was not ideal, as she built her dream in the middle of a political crisis. She and her family sought asylum in the US in 2015, and has been here since.

Connect with Claudia:
Instagram: @claufitdiary_

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