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Goal Magic

Jan 9, 2019

After a lovely break for the holidays, we are back for our first episode of 2019! This week, we have Adam Staffaroni, who actually went to school with me when I was growing up. Small world! Adam’s company, Einhorn’s Epic Productions, has launched a brand new scripted mystery podcast called Lethal Lit, which has been a smash hit and was recently featured in the New York Times. I was so impressed by Lethal Lit that I just had to get Adam on the show to find out his story. It turns out he had a very inspiring one! I hope you enjoy this episode, because it’s all about following your dreams.

About Adam Staffaroni

Adam is the co-founder & chief creative officer of Einhorn’s Epic Productions, leading new IP (intellectual property) development for the company. Previously, Adam was the senior editor in charge of the Roar imprint at Lion Forge Entertainment, where he developed new IP for the children's and teen markets while also managing notable titles including Saved by the Bell, Punky Brewster, Care Bears, and Madballs. Prior to Lion forge, Adam relocated to Los Angeles to launch the Kaboom! imprint at Boom! Studios, where he was responsible for the Adventure Time and Peanuts programs as well as projects with New Yorker cartoonist Shannon Wheeler and acclaimed musicians Coheed & Cambria and Daniel Johnston. Adam began his career in the licensing group at DC Entertainment after earning his AB from Dartmouth College and his MFA from the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Connect with Adam

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