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Goal Magic

Jan 23, 2019

I am honored to share this lovely interview with my new friend Bonnibelle! She has a fantastic story and lots of inspiration for all of us, so please enjoy!

Bonnibelle Chukwuneta (Bonnie) was born and raised in California by Nigerian immigrants and is the eldest of four. She was raised in a fairly traditional home and grew up around sports (soccer, basketball, and volleyball) and stern reminders of the importance of academic excellence. She went to college, planning on becoming a nurse or doctor as many Nigerian parents want for their children, but it wasn't for her. Bonnie changed majors to French and got a job to gain work experience and independence. Within months, she was in her own apartment and living independently. She worked her way up the company to supervisory roles and took a job relocation opportunity to St. Pete, FL to expand a growing company within two years.

Bonnie excelled for nearly three years, ultimately becoming the operations manager. Due to unforeseen circumstances, she ended up leaving corporate and has since started blogging (a passion for her) about St Petersburg, FL, which you can check out at

Bonnibelle’s goal is to be self-sufficient, be her own boss, and travel the world. Thankfully, it's 2019 and that goal is attainable now more than ever.

Connect with Bonnibelle:

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,

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