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Goal Magic

Feb 13, 2019

I am happy to share this interview with a couple of cool entrepreneurs who I met through a Lyft ride! You never know when you can meet someone inspiring. 

Christopher Rivera and Will Larsson are the co-founding officers of Bambusea, which is a sun loving, beach living, LOCAL sunglasses company. It started about 14 years ago when Will and Chris crossed paths for the first time. Interestingly enough, they didn’t actually hit it off like many would believe. They both can be stubborn and persuasive (a dangerous combination), but just like anything in life that takes time and dedication, they worked on it and ultimately forged a friendship.  Chris and Will translated the same values that they built their friendship on over to their first business!

With a combined 30 years of hospitality background, they are very service oriented and pride themselves on customizing buyers’ bamboo shades so that they are custom etched wrapped with their “laser”, a game-changing differentiator in the industry. Also, the shades are backed with a 30 day guarantee and are competitively priced, which is a “winning” relationship for their fans.

Connect with Bambusea Shades:

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