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Goal Magic

Apr 10, 2019

We’ve got a fantastic episode for you all this week, featuring Philly’s own Lauren Nolan-Sellers. Lauren was a school teacher but quickly found herself staring out her classroom window, feeling like she was missing out on the world. After having a life-altering event where Lauren almost died, she decided NOW was her time to follow her vision. She dug into her desire to do interior design and the rest has now become history. As Lauren says during our interview, “life presents you with opportunity and you have the chance to rise and meet it, or not.”

About Lauren Nolan-Sellers

Awarding-winning interior decorator, Lauren Nolan-Sellers exploded onto the scene in 2012 co-founding Trust the Vision Decor, a residential design firm based out of Greater Philadelphia, PA. She, along with her partner Wendy, have imparted their unique design sense and straight forward business systems to create a flawless experience serving clients up and down the east coast.

Since the inception of Trust the Vision Decor, the pair has sky-rocketed to success with a client list that includes celebrities, media personalities, and professional athletes. Lauren has become one the premier designers in their region and amassed over 30,000 followers on Facebook while continuing to demonstrate exponential growth appearing in local, regional, and national media outlets including articles in Philadelphia Magazine, a segment on Fox's Good Day Philadelphia, and a profile in Curve, a national women's magazine.

As an actively working interior design professional, Lauren continues to find success taking on new clients and large scale projects. In experiencing her immense growth, she searched for a way to "pay it forward" and help other designers/ decorators gain a massive head start in their own businesses. This search culminated in the formulation of Aspiring Designers, a comprehensive program for designers and decorators that teaches them to implement Lauren's world class business systems and strategies so they can catapult themselves to success. This all-encompassing program nick-named the "Design Business in a Box" pulls the curtain back and teaches you the exact systems Lauren uses so that you can live the life you want and create a sustainable, profitable design business.

The mission is simple: To help designers and decorators grow & scale a design business that consistently generates 5-figures or more a month without sacrificing your time and freedom even if you've got no idea where to begin.

Lauren and her wife Wendy share two children, ages 6 and 9 months.  They reside in Bucks County but are in the process of remodeling and creating their dream home in South Jersey.

Connect with Lauren:

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