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Goal Magic

May 8, 2019

I adore this episode so so much, not only because our guest talks about how you can use funnels to supercharge your business and gives you some awesome tips and tools to do that... but also because she used her own experience of going through a divorce to fuel her vision for her brand and her products. Her mission was to automate her business such that it didn’t rely on her. I call her the “OG of Passive Income” because she really nailed how to get your business firing on all cylinders while allowing you to sip margaritas in Mexico. And who doesn’t want that??

Way back in 2007 (after cutting her teeth in the magazine industry) Kate McKibbin started her first blog, Drop Dead Gorgeous (DDG) Daily from scratch. She called it her "shoe money project," because she started it so she could occasionally afford some of the amazing shoes she wrote about all day long in her day job. Kate always thought of it as a business rather than a blog though, and it worked as DDG became her full-time gig in under 12-months, and continued to grow to have over 500,000 readers a month, with multiple 6-figure revenue and 5 staff. Then she did it all again at (yes, formerly known as Secret Bloggers' Business), which Kate started in 2014 and since then she has been lucky enough to help over 3,000 bloggers, coaches and infopreneurs to create profitable business doing what they love.

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