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Goal Magic

Jun 26, 2019

Every so often we get to interview people who are our heroes, who make us feel like fangirls and fanboys, and for me that person was Mary Clare Fischer, who is the wellness editor of Philly Mag and the editor of Be Well Philly. Be Well Philly is one of my favorite ways that I have been able to navigate the wellness scene in the Philly area. Receiving their magazine felt like I was getting in on all the secret tips, spots, and news. I found my workout classes, wellness community, and many healthy restaurants through Be Well Philly, not to mention that they named us a top podcast for wellness (holla!). As you can imagine, it’s no surprise that we welcomed Mary Clare with open arms when we were approached about having her on the podcast.

Mary Clare Fischer is a:

  • health and wellness editor at Philly mag, the regional magazine in the Philadelphia area

  • University of Maryland alumna with degrees in journalism, government, and politics

  • Michigan native with a penchant for college football, vacations “up north”

  • pescatarian, cookbook collector, book lover, occasional runner, human rights advocate, wide-eyed learner, overall nerd, and frequent abuser of caps lock

  • But most of all, she is a writer.

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Connect with Mary Clare:

Please enjoy this episode!

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