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Goal Magic

Jul 31, 2019

This week our episode is with a dear friend: Naila Francis. I had been stalking Naila on social media and kept seeing beautiful poetic posts from her about life and love, and also posts about couples whose marriages she officiated, looking blissfully happy and in love...only to be surprised later to see that she also became a certified death midwife. This seemed like a far stretch from the happy photos Naila posts of herself and her work as an officiant, not to mention that I had never heard about a death midwife before. I wanted to talk to Naila because I knew she had some deep spiritual insights to offer about life, love, marriage, and the circle of life all embodied in the notion “until death do us part.” 

About Naila Francis

Naila Francis is a free spirit who has shaped her life by the call of joy, curiosity and a desire to engage with others in rich and meaningful ways. She is a writer, interfaith minister and wedding officiant who is also certified as a From Grief to Gratitude™ coach and as a death midwife. Naila spent many years as a print journalist interviewing dozens of artists and creatives, including Yoko Ono, Elizabeth Gilbert, Audra McDonald, Bobby McFerrin, Tim Robbins and India.Arie. But even with her traditional 9-to-5s (if you call interviewing P!nk while she dyed her hair or writing greeting cards “traditional”), she has always been drawn to the heart-centered and sacred. While she’s been basking in all the love she bears witness to as a wedding officiant for more than 10 years, her own journey of grief after losing her dad inspired her to be of service at another life threshold: our departure from this earth. As a death midwife and grief coach, she is committed to being a holistic, compassionate companion to the dying and their loved ones, while helping to raise awareness about how we can all experience a beautiful, dignified death.

Connect with Naila:

Insta: @disarmingdarling



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