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Goal Magic

Aug 14, 2019

Our episode this week is for anyone who is part of the gig and/or expert economy - who finds themselves wanting to work, but also wanting to not feel drained by the micro-decisions around how to manage work with babies, kids, aging parents, or perhaps even a side hobby that you adore. I’ve personally become interested in the gig economy and the expert economy when I finally made the decision to leave corporate and any semblance of a full time job. I was too exhausted by the politics, by working for incompetent people, and by the feeling of not receiving the rewards or merits of the effort that I was putting in. I know there a lot of you who can relate to this, and what I was feeling, and one of those people was also Gina Hadley. Gina wanted to work but didn’t want it to be at the mercy of her life, like so many other people. And so when she created The Second Shift, she enabled a workforce of highly trained and capable women to work and live on their terms.

About Gina Hadley

Gina Hadley does not like the status quo--if something doesn't work, fix it. As co-founder of The Second Shift, making change is her daily mission. She works in close partnership with companies to design working cultures that support and retain women. By demonstrating how even small changes ripple into big impact, Gina helps businesses of all sizes shift their workplaces forward into more flexible, nimble working structures.

In addition to being a co-founder, Gina is in charge of new business at The Second Shift. In this role, she takes a consultative approach, nurturing close relationships with business partners and remaining connected to them from onboarding through ongoing engagements. Together they create solutions that best support their business needs and identify opportunities to incorporate on-demand expertise into their human resources strategies. Gina is known for helping move clients from talk to action. She also speaks regularly at industry conferences as a leading expert on the future of work, gender equity as good business, and flexibility as a talent pipeline solution.

Prior to founding The Second Shift, Gina was Worldwide Creative Coordinator at Ogilvy & Mather on the IBM business, and later pursued an entrepreneurial path as a founder of and Urban Monkeys in Seattle. Gina is an expert in being flexible and nimble, having moved her family cross-country four times in five years as a freelance consultant herself. She is now settled back in New York City with her husband and teenage daughter and son. Gina holds a B.A. from Connecticut College and an MFA from New York University.

Connect with Gina:

Instagram: @thesecond_shift

Here’s to getting Unstuck,
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