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Goal Magic

Oct 9, 2019

Cynthia and I have a fun episode for you today where we try out our brand new Wheel of Questions segment. What is the Wheel of Questions, you ask? It’s a list of quirky questions that we’ll randomly ask guests at the end of each show, just for fun. Now, I must admit that this segment didn’t quite go as we planned, but the results are pretty funny and we got into some interesting territory. 

Meanwhile, we want to invite you into the Backstage Pass Goal Magic Community Group on Facebook. Our group is a very dynamic, supportive, and creative bunch who is full of awesome ideas, is always willing to help, and has already had some amazing conversations about our struggles and goals. We’d love to meet you, and so would our community, so drop us a note to say hi once you’re in!

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,
Cynthia & Brennen



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