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Goal Magic

Dec 4, 2019

We have an awesome episode this week for all the moms out there. I actually came across our guest today when I was searching for exercises to help my bad back, and ironically, found videos about core health and postpartum strength training. I kept saving videos from her as she popped up in my social feed, but was most impressed with her focus on women during and after pregnancy because there seems to be so little out there for anyone who is trying to establish their core connection again after pregnancy. I also just loved her down home, real perspective as a busy mother of four children and a woman running her own business.

About Andrea Allen

Andrea Allen grew up playing sports but didn't get into fitness and health until college. She used physical exercise to pull herself out of her depression her freshman year of college and became hooked on the endorphins. She graduated with a degree in public health education. Andrea became a fitness instructor during this time as well. In 2007 she tore her ACL while playing lacrosse for BYU in a game versus Air Force so she got stuck sitting around for a few months. It was around this time that she realized that she had to do more than exercise to get fit; she needed to eat healthy to feel good about herself and realized what a gift a healthy body is.

But things weren’t all roses and unicorns from there for Andrea. She started binge eating, but her habits slowly turned to balanced eating and now she shares her meals and workouts with her fans, and in particular moms.

Andrea is the mother of 4 children, the first two (twin girls) of which were conceived after fertility treatments, and in-vitro. 

She is now the Founder and Owner of Deliciously Fit n Healthy where she is making multiple 6-figures and helping moms during pregnancy and postpartum. 

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,
Cynthia & Brennen

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