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Goal Magic

Apr 1, 2020

Have you ever had the gut feeling that you needed to do something and take a leap but you felt unsure? Have you ever wanted to go into a new industry but were feeling uneasy if you should take the risk, even though there was nothing stopping you? If these sound like you then you will want to tune into a very cool episode today focused on taking a risk when the time is right. I got to interview Chris Casile, who went from losing her job to taking a leap into a new one in an emerging industry with no guardrails. Talk about guts!

About Chris Casile

Christina is a certified Interior Designer with 20+ years of experience in the industry. Chris received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Philadelphia University and honed her skills as an interior designer with several large architecture firms in Philadelphia. Specifically, while with Ballinger and EwingCole, Chris gained considerable experience in a variety of market sectors including healthcare, research and development, government, education and sports and entertainment, overseeing dozens of multi-million dollar projects. Christina first established herself in the cannabis industry when she was recruited to join a team of experts assembled by Philadelphia-based attorneys and consultants Moriconi Flowers, Ltd. to assist clients in obtaining permits to grow, process, and sell marijuana. Design 710’s successes have included designing the project for the winning application and first dispensary to open in Philadelphia, designing the project for a winning grower/processor applicant in the Delaware Valley, and designing the winning project for an additional marijuana dispensary permit holder in the Philadelphia area.  

Connect with Chris

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