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Goal Magic

Sep 25, 2018

I am so excited to share this interview that I recorded with the one and only Liz Kimball. Liz is a creator, writer, director, speaker, and guide. Having spent over two decades as a dancer and actor, she performed all over the country, and received critical acclaim and multiple awards for her performances.

Now she devotes herself to creating, writing, and directing women-centered stories of all kinds. She is the “Chief Enthusiasm Officer of Creator Goddess Warrior Queens and nonlinear ducks,” and she supports successful creatives and professionals in playing bigger and doing the work they were born to do.

​Liz is also the founder of The Collective for Women Creators, a sisterhood meets mastermind for WOMEN CREATORS ready to make next-level leaps, actualize their visions, and radically support other women in doing the same.

It’s hard to summarize this interview about creativity, so just go ahead and listen to it. And then maybe listen to it again.

Top Quotes & Takeaways from my interview with Liz Kimball:

  • She grew up in a wonderfully creative home, so it was sort of inevitable that she’d become an artist

  • Ballet was her first love but it came with some pretty intense negative aspects, especially around body image and eating disorders

  • Liz loves acting for the immediacy and the thrill of opening up in front of an audience, but she came to feel like it wasn’t working for her as a career. She realized she was working incredibly hard to get something she didn’t actually want. She also sought the ability to have more control her over her own creative projects.

  • Liz is super intense in her passions… she loves to go all-in.

  • “I don’t know one person who’s going it alone, and that’s going well for them.”

  • “A work of art is not complete unless it lands on something or someone.”

  • “Angst is not a reason that you’re doing something wrong, but actually a sign that there’s a next step for you and you can just trust that the angst is leading you somewhere. ”

  • “There’s a great deal of energy that goes into hiding parts of yourself.”

  • Why it’s wonderful to have a multifaceted identity.

  • Why the 10,000-hour focus on just ONE THING rule might not be the best thing for creative people.

  • How to deal with the “tiny terrorist” in your mind.

  • “Doubt doesn’t come up unless you’ve found something important that really matters.”

  • “Just say yes to the impulse of right now and take it to its next place.”

  • And so much more!

Connect with Liz Kimball:

Here's to Getting Unstuck,

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