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Goal Magic

Sep 4, 2019

If anyone knows Brennen and I, you know that we are kind of health freaks. I personally love a good workout that makes my muscles shake and gets me in a full-body sweat. I love learning about how nutrition and lifestyle can affect the body, and I love learning how herbs and nutraceuticals can affect the body, so it’s no surprise that I was psyched to have Mackie Root on our show to talk fitness. For anyone who has struggled with their weight or isn’t feeling their most fit, you’ll want to hear what Mackie has to say about how he changed his fitness level and health and how you can change your own as well - it’s so simple, yet it’s brilliant!

About Mackie Root

Mackie Root is the founder of the ReadySetActive Online Training platform, which is a health coaching business on a mission to help busy people live healthier and happier. He is a health coach, online personal trainer, a group fitness coach in Philadelphia, with classes at Unite Fitness and Flywheel Sports. Mackie combines the latest science in nutrition and training with motivational techniques to create efficient and effective weight loss protocols for clients.

Connect with Mackie:

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