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Goal Magic

Nov 20, 2019

With the holidays next week, and the onslaught of parties, goodies, and just the overall stress that we sometimes feel to make it all happen, we wanted to bring back one of our favorite guests to help us manage our health during this time, Mackie Root. Mackie and I chat about the best ways and the most simple things you can do to ensure that you don’t let the holidays “gift” you with an extra 15 pounds come the new year.

For those of you who hadn’t listened to our first episode with Mackie, you should definitely check that out because he does a great job of simplifying what we all really need to do to hit our fitness goals or just stay healthy. In this episode, it’s all about managing your health without depriving yourself.

About Mackie Root

Mackie Root is the founder of the ReadySetActive Online Training platform, which is a health coaching business on a mission to help busy people live healthier and happier. He is a health coach, online personal trainer, a group fitness coach in Philadelphia, with classes at Unite Fitness and Flywheel Sports. Mackie combines the latest science in nutrition and training with motivational techniques to create efficient and effective weight loss protocols for clients.

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