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Goal Magic

Jan 8, 2020

We are kicking off 2020 with one of our favorite guests and fit-fluencers, Mackie Root. Yep, he’s back and we are dishing on the best things you can do to kick off your healthiest year yet because more than ever, we all know how our health can influence so much - from our mindset to our sleep to our productivity and even our stress. It’s why we wanted to get an expert in to guide you on the best way to make it happen.

About Mackie Root 

Mackie Root is the founder of the ReadySetActive Online Training platform, which is a health coaching business on a mission to help busy people live healthier and happier. He is a health coach, online personal trainer, a group fitness coach in Philadelphia, with classes at Unite Fitness and Flywheel Sports. Mackie combines the latest science in nutrition and training with motivational techniques to create efficient and effective weight loss protocols for clients.

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Quick programming note: We decided to launch our episodes on a bi-weekly basis now! Brennen and I grind these episodes out week after week but we burned ourselves out as a result. Our content that we were recording became a message for us and to us, in many ways. We have no one else helping us [yet] and so decided that in order to maintain our creative energy and keep the momentum going on the podcast, we needed to back off how much content we are producing. This was a difficult decision for us, but in doing this we will be able to book bigger and more influential guests and bring even higher quality content to you all without feeling like we are on the treadmill from hell. Thanks for understanding and we appreciate your support and listenership! Happy 2020!

Here’s to Getting Unstuck,
Cynthia & Brennen